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  • A private & secure Web entertainment application.


FootballPot.com is your free Web application for creating and sharing football pots or football squares games. Whether you want to do an online football pool, basketball pool, NASCAR pool, or stock market pool, FootballPot.com is the place to share squares games quickly, easily, securely, and absolutely free of charge!

Although FootballPot.com is not a gambling site, it's features can be used to adapt your office football pool or other squares game to whatever your local gambling laws may be.

While you might be able to find other football pool software, only FootballPot.com offers ease-of-use and ready access for all players, no matter where you are ... all completely free. Be sure and check out the full compliment of help features to get you started using your own football pot rules.

Once you use FootballPot.com and see how easy and secure it is, you may never use a paper football board again!


By playing the free games on FootballPot.com you are responsible to ensure that the terms of any football or basketball pot you play on conforms with local law. FootballPot.com is an online tool for amusement only - not a football gambling or football betting site.

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