"How do I ... ?"

"How do I ..."
 ... join a pot?
 ... play on a pot?
 ... get a pot code?
 ... display a pot?
 ... list all my pots?
 ... choose my icon?
 ... claim & lock square(s)?
 ... submit my pledge?
 ... know if I have won?
 ... collect my winnings?

... claim & lock square(s)?

Picking squares is almost as fun as winning the pot!
First, make sure you understand:
  • the pot's Rules (listed on the board's page)
  • the pot's Terms (consult the Host with any questions)
  • you must lock your squares after you pick them
  • players cannot "unlock" squares
To claim & lock squares:
  1. Display the pot. - If you have already joined the pot and understand the Rules and Terms, display the pot by clicking "Quickview" in the left panel and choosing the pot from the Quickview list. If you haven't yet joined, click "Join a Pot" and enter the pot code that the Host sent to you.

  3. Pick an icon. - Player's icons appear just below the board. Scroll down (if necessary) and click on "Pick" in any icon you want to use for this pot.
    NOTE: Multiple players can use the same icon; screen names are added to each icon.
    Also, You can change your icon at any time, as long as the pot is open.

  5. Claim your square(s). - Click on any open square(s) you want to claim.
    Open squares say, "Play Here."      
    When you click on a square, it changes to "YOU - Clear".
    To "unclaim" a square, click "Clear" inside the square.
    NOTE: It's not your square - for sure - until you lock it.
  6. Lock your square(s). - When you have claimed your square(s), click on the "Lock" button, to confirm your all choices.
    When you claim & lock a square, it assumes your icon
    and screen name. If you do not lock your squares,
    they become available to other players after 15 minutes.

Tips about locking squares:
  • A locked square is your pledge to play on a pot by the Host's Rules and Terms.

  • Squares can only be unlocked by the Host! Begging may be required.
    (Ever changed your mind about a paper football pot? Be sure before you lock!)