"How do I ... ?"

"How do I ..."
 ... create (Host) a Pot?
 ... choose a pot's Rules?
 ... choose a pot's Terms?
 ... set up Host's Share?
 ... limit player's squares?
 ... open a pot for play?
 ... create a players list?
 ... invite players?
 ... invite more players?
 ... clear player's squares?
 ... close a pot?
 ... reopen a pot?
 ... lock a Pot?
 ... collect pledges?
 ... unlock squares?
 ... post event results?
 ... notify winners?
 ... email players?
 ... distribute winnings?
 ... set up a basketball pot?
 ... set up a NASCAR pot?
 ... set up a market pot?
 ... set up a charity raffle?
 ... set up a baby pot?
 ... set up a bowling pot?

... create a pot?

Any registered user of can create and Host a pot.
Take your time creating your pot - especially if it is your first pot, or you are trying something new.
If you know your event information and your Rules and Terms, you can easily create a pot in 30 seconds.
To create a pot:
  1. Click "Host a Pot." - The system displays the "Host a Pot" page.
    Use "Quick Help" in the right panel for field-by-field assistance to create your pot.


  3. Set up your pot. - Choose Rules and Terms.
    NOTE: Rules are handled by choosing options on the "Host a Pot" page.
    Terms are handled personally by the Host (not on, but can be described for players in the Comments area.

    When you are satisfied with your options choices, click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the "Host a Pot" page. The system displays the game board page for you to confirm and open the pot for play.

  5. Confirm Rules & Terms; click "Open" - Double-check all your pot's features, Rules (and Terms, if you included them in the comments). If you want to limit how many squares players can claim, click the "Limits" button. (Limits can expire a certain number of days before the event. See "...limit player's squares?")
    When it is set up the way you want it, open your pot by clicking the "Open" button in the Choose Action group.
    Now you can invite players.