"How do I ... ?"

"How do I ..."
 ... join a pot?
 ... play on a pot?
 ... get a pot code?
 ... display a pot?
 ... list all my pots?
 ... choose my icon?
 ... claim & lock square(s)?
 ... submit my pledge?
 ... know if I have won?
 ... collect my winnings?

... display a pot?

If you have already joined a pot, it's easy to display it and check it out.
To display a pot:
  1. Click on the Quickview link. - When you have logged in, click on the Quickview link in the (user)'s pots group in the left panel.

    The system displays the (user)'s Quickview page.

  3. Click on your pot's name. - Find the pot you want in the list of Hosted or Joined pots and click on that pot's name.

    The system displays your game board page.