"How do I ... ?"

"How do I ..."
 ... create (Host) a Pot?
 ... choose a pot's Rules?
 ... choose a pot's Terms?
 ... set up Host's Share?
 ... limit player's squares?
 ... open a pot for play?
 ... create a players list?
 ... invite players?
 ... invite more players?
 ... clear player's squares?
 ... close a pot?
 ... reopen a pot?
 ... lock a Pot?
 ... collect pledges?
 ... unlock squares?
 ... post event results?
 ... notify winners?
 ... email players?
 ... distribute winnings?
 ... set up a basketball pot?
 ... set up a NASCAR pot?
 ... set up a market pot?
 ... set up a charity raffle?
 ... set up a baby pot?
 ... set up a bowling pot?

... email players?

Suppose something changes and you need to get a message to your players?
Hosts can easily communicate with either of two groups of players:
  • Pot Players - All players who have claimed a square on a certain pot
  • Player's List - All player's on a certain list of players
To email pot players:
  1. Open the pot with the player you want to email.
  2. Choose "Send email" from the "Active Players" group just below the board.
To email a players list:
  1. Display your Player's Lists page.
  2. Click "View" next to the list you want to email.
  3. Click "Send email" which appears at the bottom of the players list.
Send Email page
After you choose to email pot players or a list, the system displays the Send Email page.
  1. Edit the subject line and enter your message in the text box.
  2. Click the "Submit" button and you're done!