"How do I ... ?"

"How do I ..."
 ... get started?
 ... play this game?
 ... register as a new user?
 ... login?
 ... view/change my profile?
 ... change my password?
 ... get a new password?
 ... report abuse?
 ... log out?

... get started?

First of all, get familiar with these page features:
Top panel - This area always features's logo and ad space over the main menu bar.
The main menu bar is there to help you do or learn more about features.
Keep an eye on the center of the main menu bar - the marquee. It frequently offers new info, useful tips and links, or announcements.
Left panel - Your screen name; highlights and choices; info and access.
Center panel - This is the business end of the page - where you get stuff done. This panel changes the most when you navigate through different site features. Right panel - usually ads, except on main data entry pages when this panel is dedicated to Quick Help for each field on the page.