"How do I ... ?"

"How do I ..."
 ... create (Host) a Pot?
 ... choose a pot's Rules?
 ... choose a pot's Terms?
 ... set up Host's Share?
 ... limit player's squares?
 ... open a pot for play?
 ... create a players list?
 ... invite players?
 ... invite more players?
 ... clear player's squares?
 ... close a pot?
 ... reopen a pot?
 ... lock a Pot?
 ... collect pledges?
 ... unlock squares?
 ... post event results?
 ... notify winners?
 ... email players?
 ... distribute winnings?
 ... set up a basketball pot?
 ... set up a NASCAR pot?
 ... set up a market pot?
 ... set up a charity raffle?
 ... set up a baby pot?
 ... set up a bowling pot?

... invite players?

The Host must authorize a list of players and notify them that the board is open for play.
NOTE: NEVER uses email addresses without either the consent of the address owner, or at the direction of a Host, or to investigate abuse of the site.
Here's how inviting players works:
  • A Host needs at least one list of "INVITED" email addresses saved on the system to authorize players to join. - If you don't have a list, no one can join. So create one - it's easy!

  • To play on a board, the player's email address must appear on an "INVITED" list.

  • A pot must be open before you can invite players to join.

  • You don't have to use to send invitations (but it's much easier if you do).
    If you don't want to use the system to invite players, you still need to create an email list so the system recognizes which users are authorized to play on your pot.
To invite players:
  1. Click "Invite" - Click the "Invite" link next to any open pot on your Quickview page.
    With your game board displayed, click the "Invite" button, located in the Choose Action group.
    The system displays the "Invite Players" page.

  3. Invite your list(s) - On the "Invite Players" page, click the "Invite" checkbox next to any list(s) you want to authorize to play on this pot.

  5. Send Invitations - Confirm your choice(s) by clicking the "Send Invitations" button at the bottom of the page. The system sends an invitation to everyone on the INVITED list(s).

    • The system replaces the "Invite" checkbox with the "INVITED" status.

    • When you click "Send Invitations," the system looks on every "INVITED" list for players who have not been sent an invitation - and sends them.

    • If you have just added new player's emails to an INVITED list, the system skips previously invited players and invites only newly added players.

More about player invitations: