"How do I ... ?"

"How do I ..."
 ... join a pot?
 ... play on a pot?
 ... get a pot code?
 ... display a pot?
 ... list all my pots?
 ... choose my icon?
 ... claim & lock square(s)?
 ... submit my pledge?
 ... know if I have won?
 ... collect my winnings?

... join a pot?

To join a pot, if a registered user is on an INVITED list, he or she only needs the pot code.
When a Host uses to invite players to join a pot, the pot code is included in the invitation email.
To join a pot:
  1. Login - Go to and login.

  3. Click "Join a pot." - "Join a pot" appears on the menu bar and elsewhere.


  5. Enter your pot code. - Enter the pot code you received from the Host. - You're in!