"How do I ... ?"

"How do I ..."
 ... join a pot?
 ... play on a pot?
 ... get a pot code?
 ... display a pot?
 ... list all my pots?
 ... choose my icon?
 ... claim & lock square(s)?
 ... submit my pledge?
 ... know if I have won?
 ... collect my winnings?

... know if I have won?

Hosts should post results as soon as possible, whether the event is a game, a race, a market close, or whatever.
Players can wait for results to be posted, or monitor the event and compare results with the game board.
  • Print the pot. - After numbers are drawn, if you print the pot and watch the event, you should be able to tell who won the pot.

  • Check the game board. - Posted results appear near the bottom of the game board.

  • Consult your host. - If you have any questions about Rules or Terms, or if results are not yet posted, get in touch with the Host.