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For those who have never played on a football pot, the game board looks a little like a bingo card, except that there are 100 squares.
Each player's goal is to claim what will become a winning square.
The winning square is determined by numbers that match the results of a sporting event (or other event), chosen by the Host.
NOTE:   All users must first register (one-time only).
Outline - The lifespan of a typical pot:
  • The Host creates a pot. - The Host creates a pot, deciding in advance the number of points per square, plus other Rules and Terms. Each player pledges a certain number of points for the right to claim a square. (Other Host Rules apply; see "How do I ... choose rules?")
  • The Host invites players. - The Host chooses who can play by creating one or more lists of players. The system sends an email to each player to announce the pot. The message includes a "pot code" and explains how the pot will work, identifying the sporting event, and explaining the pot's Rules (like points per square), and the pot's Terms (such as the value of each point, if any). (See "How do I ... Choose Terms?")

  • Players claim squares. - Invited players join a pot by entering the pot code that was included in the Host invitation email. The player then chooses an icon for claiming squares, and claims one or more squares. A player can choose and change any icon at any time up until the Host closes the board. Players must claim and lock squares.

  • Host closes the board for settlement. - Once all the squares are claimed, the Host closes the board, pending settlement of pledges for each player's squares. Players submit their points, whatever their value (if any) to the Host, before numbers are drawn. Together, these points are the winnings, or the "pot."

  • Host locks the board for numbers - When player's points are settled, the Host locks the game and the computer assign two sets of numbers - 0 through 9 - at random. The first set of random numbers is applied to the board's columns; the second set of random numbers is applied to the rows. Each square now sits in a vector (on one row; under one column) that determines that square's numbers.

  • Let the game begin! - Each squares' numbers identify the sporting (or other) event results that could make that square a winner.
    For example, if a square's numbers are "Home Team 4; Visitor's Team 7," and the event's score is Home 14; Visitor 7, that square wins the pot! (Other Host Rules apply. Check the Rules on the game board or consult your Host.)

  • Host enters results to ID winner(s). - After the event is completed, the Host enters results and the system notifies players that winners have been identified. (Of course, if you printed the locked pot and watched the game, you probably already know who won!)

  • Host distributes winnings. - With winners identified, the Host enters distributes winnings according to the pot's rules and terms.
Good luck!