"How do I ... ?"

"How do I ..."
 ... create (Host) a Pot?
 ... choose a pot's Rules?
 ... choose a pot's Terms?
 ... set up Host's Share?
 ... limit player's squares?
 ... open a pot for play?
 ... create a players list?
 ... invite players?
 ... invite more players?
 ... clear player's squares?
 ... close a pot?
 ... reopen a pot?
 ... lock a Pot?
 ... collect pledges?
 ... unlock squares?
 ... post event results?
 ... notify winners?
 ... email players?
 ... distribute winnings?
 ... set up a basketball pot?
 ... set up a NASCAR pot?
 ... set up a market pot?
 ... set up a charity raffle?
 ... set up a baby pot?
 ... set up a bowling pot?

... post event results?

When the Host posts event results, players can immediately see that information on the game board page.
When the Host confirms results, the system sends a notice to all players and identifies the winner(s).
It's a good idea to post event results as soon as possible after each win period, then confirm results at the conclusion of the event.
To post results:
  1. Click "Results" - Click the "Results" link next to any open pot on your Quickview page.
    With your game board displayed - click the "Results" button in the Choose Action group.
    The system displays the "Pot Results" page, featuring entry fields for each team in each win period.

  3. Enter results; click "Submit" - Enter event results for each team in each win period and click the "Submit" button.
    The system displays the game board with the results you posted appearing at the bottom of the page. Players can view these results by displaying the game board.
    NOTE: The Host can still correct the results, if necessary.

  5. Click "Confirm." - After the event is over, and when you are sure of correct entries for each team in all win periods, click the "Confirm" button in the Choose Action group below the game board.

    The system displays the Pot Results page, with a text entry field where you can post a message that will be sent to the winner(s) of the pot.

  7. Notify players. - Enter in the text entry field any additional message you want to send to players. Click the "Confirm Results + Send Email" button.
    Winners are almost certain to appreciate any details you provide about collecting winnings!