"How do I ... ?"

"How do I ..."
 ... join a pot?
 ... play on a pot?
 ... get a pot code?
 ... display a pot?
 ... list all my pots?
 ... choose my icon?
 ... claim & lock square(s)?
 ... submit my pledge?
 ... know if I have won?
 ... collect my winnings?

... submit my pledge(s) for my square(s)?

Consult your Host. The method for submitting pledges ("settlement") is between the players and the Host. The Host decides the value of points, if any, that players pledge for each square.
Points could represent marbles, back rub minutes, babysitting hours - anything. So consult your Host about settlement of your pledged points.
However ...
Example 1: Suppose the Host decides to use a pot to promote a small business and the winner of the pot gets a one-hour massage. The pot's Terms might include 1 point per square, no point value, and the Host will send or deliver a coupon for a one-hour massage to the winner.
Example 2: Let's say you are playing on a pot that a charity is Hosting to run a small raffle. Each square on the pot is 5 points, each point is valued at a dollar. So part of the pot's Terms is: $5 a square. The Host might arrange an early deadline for settlement, either in person or by delivery. Another option may be pre-settlement arrangement where each person settles pledges before they are authorized to claim squares.
In any case, the Host is responsible for establishing a settlement plan to collect points (whatever their value) in person, or otherwise explaining to players how to submit their pledges. The Host may collect pledges or even charge winner(s) to collect their own winnings (depending on relationships between the players).