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Now, while we are still in our first season, is a great opportunity for you to captilize on exceptional deals we will offer to early adopters while we build the user statistics that will drive ad rates in the future.

315 PageViews per pot: Our business plan projects that each game pot that gets completed on FootballPot.com generates approximately 315 PageViews.

Place some ads with us now and we’ll remember you kindly after we have established some compelling user statistics and demographics!

Please contact us to discuss how we can best help you reach our growing user base: adspace@footballpot.com

A. Top banner
  • Our top banner is 728x90 pixels and appears at the top of every page that is displayed.

  • Contact us about placing your ad to the top banner: adspace@footballpot.com

B. Right sidebar
  • Our right sidebar panel will accommodate three or four button ads with dimensions of approximately 160 x 200 pixels, or one wide skyscraper ad of 160 x 600 pixels.

  • Sidebar ads are displayed on each page, except for three set up pages where user help is displayed. These data entry pages are infrequently used, compared with the normal processes of game play

  • Contact us about placing your ad to the right sidebar: adspace@footballpot.com

C. The Marquee
  • FootballPot.com uses a unique feature called the "Marquee," a message board in the center of the Main Menu that rotates through a set of frequently updated messages. This display offers tips, news headlines, trivia - almost anything that we think could be different, compelling and interesting to our users.

  • We can place your HTML-linked text in the Marquee and see to it that your message, complete with a Web link to any page you prefer, is displayed an agreeable number of times each minute.

  • Contact us about placing your ad to the marquee: adspace@footballpot.com

D. Link Exchange
  • We ask that advertisers trade link with us and that the link to our site on your site will remain in place for at least the term of your ad's placement on FootballPot.com.

  • We, of course, reciprocate with a link to your site on our Links page.

  • Contact us for a link exchange: adspace@footballpot.com

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