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Popular questions about FootballPot.com:

What is FootballPot.com?
FootballPot.com is a fast, fun, easy and FREE Web application that lets you create and share a football pot or basketball pot with privacy and security.

What is a "football pot?"
A football pot is a game of chance using 100 squares. Players try to guess and claim in advance what will turnout to be a winning square. Winning squares are determined by the score of a specific event, such as an NFL, NBA, or NCAA game, or other events like, bowling or NASCAR.

Yes, it’s the same game that has been popular for decades, familiar to most people who have worked in a large office or watched football games or basketball games in a sports bar.

Sometimes football pots are called "football squares," "football boxes," or a "football pool."

Most pots are based on NFL games, NBA games, or college football games and basketball games. The biggest difference is, up to now, football and basketball pots were typically played on paper and passed around by hand.

How does a pot work?
Each 100-square pot grid (or "board") is laid out in 10 columns and 10 rows.

Each player’s goal is to claim the square(s) that will later prove to be winners. Players must pledge a certain number of points for each square claimed. The pot’s Host decides number of points per square and all other pot rules and terms.

When players have claimed all the squares, the numbers 0 - 9 are applied at random in two sets - one above the top row of squares and another along the left column, so each row and column gets a number.

Column numbers (above the top row) usually apply to the Home team; row numbers, along the left side, usually represent the Visitor team.

The game uses the score of a football game or basketball game to select the pot’s winner. The winner is the player who has claimed the square where winning row and column numbers intersect.

Why should I use FootballPot.com?
Probably the best thing about playing football pots on FootballPot.com is that it is easier and faster than picking squares on a paper board:

  • No drawing a paper board and passing it around to players one-by-one.

  • No making dozens of photocopies of the completed board.

  • Each player has immediate and constant access.

  • Once you are set up, it's fast and easy to use the same pot rules and player's email lists over and over again.

If you claim your squares quickly, is easy to get your favorite lucky square. Also, the squares get filled and the numbers assigned much faster.

If you like football and basketball, you are going to love playing and hosting pots on FootballPot.com!

But even if you don’t watch many football games or basketball games, playing on football pots and basketball pots can definitely make those games more interesting for you.

What makes FootballPot.com better than playing on paper football pot or basketball pot squares game?
FootballPot.com lets you create and share (or just play on) a game board for a football pot or baskeball pot, just like the paper boards that have been popular for decades - only better!

Playing FootballPot.com is faster and easier, with features that aren’t possible with paper game boards:
  • Choose the rules you like to play by (overtime, or no overtime, etc.)

  • Create your players email list quickly and easily then use them again and again.

  • Fill your boards’ squares at the speed of the Internet.

  • When your board is filled, random numbers are assigned by computer.

  • Each Host can keep lists of players and let the FootballPot.com system notify those players instantly whenever new pots are ready.

  • FootballPot.com is fast, fun, easy & FREE!
What’s the difference between and a player and a Host?
Any user on FootballPot.com and can be both a player and a Host.

A Host is a player who creates a pot, sets the pot rules and terms, and invites all the players who are authorized to play.

A Host can also be a player on the same pot that he or she created.

Be a Host - create a pot!

How does a player get started?
Just create a free player’s record on our private, secure system and you’re good to go!

What’s in a player’s record?
Users register with only the most basic info:
  • Email - The email address where you want to receive info about the pots you are hosting or playing on. We never share this address, period, and we never use it for spamming. (DEATH to spam!)

  • Screen name - Use a name other players will recognize - up 9 letters or numbers. This name appears on a board wherever you claim a square. First and last names aren’t necessary and probably wouldn’t fit in a square anyway.

  • Year of Birth - You must be at least 18 to play. This demographic data helps keep the site FREE!

  • City - This demographic data helps keep the site FREE!

  • Country - This demographic data helps keep the site FREE!

  • Password - An additional security device you can periodically change.
Who can start a pot?
Any registered player can create (Host) a pot and share it with a private list of other players.

Who can play on a pot?
Game pots are private. Access to each pot is granted only to registered users who are invited to play by the Host who created the pot.

If you create a private pot on FootballPot.com:
  • You are the Host.

  • You choose the pot’s Rules and Terms.

  • You choose who can play on any pots you create.
What are a pot’s "Rules?"
Rules of a pot on FootballPot.com are chosen by the Host during the process of creating the pot:
  • Date of the football game or basketball game

  • Team Names of the teams who are playing

  • Points per Square - each player pledges a number of points per square

  • Win period(s) - winners on the quarter, half or final scores

  • Overtime - Hosts choose whether or not the final score includes overtime

  • "Teams" or "No Teams" - Most pots use "Teams." It means player’s numbers are team specific, like: "Home Team 6; Visitors 9."
    "No Teams" is used for larger pots because it usually creates double winners, since winning numbers apply regardless of teams. So, with a "No Teams" pot, there are two winning squares in each win period unless the score for a win period is tied - only one person can have double numbers, like: "Home Team 3; Visitors 3".

  • "Bad Tie" Consolation - The numbers 2&2 and 5&5 aren’t the greatest numbers you can draw on a football pot. Hosts may choose to rebate players who get these numbers by giving their points back - a "free" play!

  • Total winning points - the sum of all points that winners will receive, as determined by the Host. This is the total of all points pledged, minus any amount for "Bad Tie" rebates (if any) or any Host fee amount for managing the pot (if any).

  • Overtime - Hosts choose whether or not the final score includes overtime
Cool Feature!: Hosts can save popular Rules sets and apply them to new pots with just one click.

What are a pot’s "Terms?"
Terms of a pot are arranged directly and privately between Hosts and players:
  • Point Values - Any pot’s points might represent a game being played for marbles, pennies, neck rub minutes, babysitting hours, just for fun, or whatever. Point Values are not handled on FootballPot.com

  • Point Collection - Point Collection method depends on what value, if any, points are assigned by the Host. Point Collection is not handled on FootballPot.com

  • Point Distribution - Point Distribution to winners also depends on what value points are assigned, if any. Point Distribution is not handled on FootballPot.com
NOTE: Terms may be subject to local law, depending on Point Values or other considerations. Terms are the responsibility of the Host. FootballPot.com is not a gambling site. There is no fee for users to play, and FootballPot.com does not place any value on points pledged or promise any value for winnning. FootballPot.com is a free game for amusement only.

Is FootballPot.com private and secure?
FootballPot.com takes player privacy and security very seriously:
  • FootballPot.com uses state-of-the-art site security features and practices to protect the privacy of players and Hosts.

  • Player records are never shared outside of FootballPot.com and never used for spamming. (DEATH to spam!)

  • Every player on a private pot is the invited guest of the Host who created the pot.

  • Users on FootballPot.com register by telling us their age (user must be at least 18) and a login email, and choosing a screen name and a password. All other info is optional.

  • We do ask users to tell us their sex and location. However, that data is only kept as demographic data for the benefit of advertisers who help keep the site free!
Is FootballPot.com legal?
Absolutely! FootballPot.com is a free web application game for the entertainment of people who enjoy side games based on football and basketball sporting event scores. All of the rules and games handled by the FootballPot.com system are completely legal.

FootballPot.com can be played anywhere in the world. Each game pot’s Terms may be subject to local laws, which vary from one jurisdiction to another. Becaue FootballPot.com is free to use and does not conduct any transactions online, each pot's Hosts and players are responsible for ensuring that the Terms of the pots they create and play on comply with local law. A pot’s Terms are not handled on FootballPot.com

What about pots for other sports?
We are definitely developing more games to enhance FootballPot.com in the near future!

Meanwhile ... a football pot can can work with any sport that typically generates scores that could likely end with a digit between 0 and 9.

Be creative! For example, with the right set of rules, you could create a board for a NASCAR race, replacing two teams’ game scores with the race’s first and second place car numbers.

We hope you will enjoy using FootballPot.com and share it with family, friends and co-workers. If there are other games you’d like us to offer, we’d like to hear from you!

Please send us a note: info@FootballPot.com

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