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FootballPot.com user Help is available from FOUR locations:

• "How do I...?" - available from ALL PAGES from the Menu Bar
• Help - available from ALL PAGES from the Menu Bar)
• On the game board page by hovering the cursor over the Choose Action buttons
• Quick Help right panel on certain data entry pages

• Getting Around FootballPot.com

Learn more:
About FootballPot.com’s pages four panel layout
  • Top panel — usually FootballPot.com’s logo and an ad over
    the Main Menu
  • Center panel — the business end of the page; where you get stuff
    done. This section changes the most when you navigate through
    different site features.
  • Left panel — highlights and choices; info and access
  • Right panel — usually ads, except on main data entry pages when
    the right side panel is dedicated to user help.

• Quick Start to FootballPot.com

It’s really easy to use FootballPot.com’s features to create, share and play football
pots, (sometimes called football squares). It works great for basketball games and
NASCAR races, too!

Here’s a bird’s-eye view of the whole thing:
    1. Register — Set up your
    private user’s account

    2. Host — Create and share
    a pot with friends, family and coworkers

    3. Play — Claim squares on the pots you are Hosting or have been invited
    by another Host to play on.

Using FootballPot.com is as easy as 1, 2, 3.
Click here to learn more:

FootballPot.com 1, 2, 3

Register 1, 2, 3
1. Go to FootballPot.com and click on Register.

2. Create a record for your private user account.

3. Get the confirmation code FootballPot.com sends to your email address and use it
on FootballPot.com to confirm your account. You’re done!

Join a Pot 1, 2, 3
1. When you receive an invitation email from a FootballPot.com Host,
copy the invitation code from your invitaion email.

2. Login on FootballPot.com and click Join a Pot or use the direct
url provided in the email.

3. Paste or enter the code for the pot you want to play on. Ba-Da-Bing;
you’re in! Start claiming squares.

Host a Pot 1, 2, 3
1. Login at FootballPot.com and click on Host a Pot.

2. Create a pot with your pot’s name, teams, rules, and comments. Include your
pot’s Terms or other custom details in your comments.

3. Create your players' email lists and invite players to join your pot.

Bam! FootballPot.com sends out your invitation to every address in the list(s) you chose. Yeah, it is just that easy!

Create an email List 1, 2, 3
1. Login at FootballPot.com and click on Player Lists.

2. Click on create email-list and enter email address, either
one-at-a-time or in bulk.

3. Save your email list. Zap! You can use your list for any new pot you
create, or invite new players to an already opened pot. You got ’er done!
FootballPot.com - You’ll never use paper again!


Features on the Home page let you login, create a private user account,
or access features through options on the Main Menu or the Secondary Menu,
located at the bottom of the page.

Learn more:
Main Menu
The Main Menu is a gray bar across the length of each screen that allows you
to quickly Host or Join a pot, learn more about FootballPot.com, or display
messages of interest to users.

Host a Pot
Click this option to access the Host a Pot page, identify
teams, set pot rules, and invite players to join. Hosts can have up to 10 open
(created, but not yet completed) pots at any given time.

Join a Pot
Click this option to Join any pot a Host has invited you to play on.

The Marquee
The Marquee is a message display area in the middle of the Main Menu. It
is often updated with new information and might feature user tips, links,
news headlines, or other messages of interest for users.

About Us
Click this option to learn about FootballPot.com and its owner company, Square Play.

Click this option to access the Help display.

Click this option to display Frequently Asked Questions about FootballPot.com.


You must login on FootballPot.com to use its features through your private
account. If you do not have an account, you must Register as a new user.
To login, enter the email address for your account and your user password.

Learn more:
Enter the email address associated with your record. This field can accept
AutoFill content if you have it set up with a tool such as the Google Toolbar.

Enter the password associated with your account. This field is case sensitive.

Forgot you password?
Click this link to have a new password sent to your email address.

On the Forgot your password? display, enter the
email address on your account and click the Submit button. You may change your password again after you login.

New User Register
Click this link to create your user account.


Use this feature to create a private account so you can login and use
FootballPot.com’s features.

Learn more:
Join Us
On the Home page, click this link to create your user account.


The Secondary Menu is a set of options positioned at the bottom
of the page. These options let you learn more about FootballPot.com
and its owner company, Square Play, including how to communicate
with the site administration.

Learn more:
Privacy Policy
Click this link to display FootballPot.com’s Privacy Policy,
which describes how your FootballPot.com account information is managed.

Terms or Use
Click this link to review Terms of Use, which describes
the rules all users must agree to to register a new accoutn and use protected features of the site.

Click this link to learn about placing an advertisement on FootballPot.com.

Contact Us
Click this link to send us an email message or a letter.

Click this link to access the Links display, which offers users quick
access to other pages of interest on the Web.

Site Map
Click this link to display a listing of all pages on FootballPot.com.


When you login with your email address and password, FootballPot.com
displays two features on the left side of the screen with menu bars that
include your screen name: "[User]".

These features let you Host or Join a pot, or access and manage existing pots
and email lists.

Learn more:
This display lets you access and manage your account profile, Host a pot,
manage player email lists, join a pot or logout of the system.

View/Edit Profile
Click this link to access the Profile display.

Host a Pot
Click this option to access the Host a Pot page, identify teams,
set pot rules, and invite players to join. Hosts can have up to 10
open (created, but not yet completed) pots at any given time.

Player Lists
Click this option to access the Player Email Lists page and create
and manage up to 20 lists of emails for persons you want to invite to
join any pot you create. Each list may have up to 200 email addresses.

Join a Pot
Click this option to access the Join a Pot page and
join any pot a Host has invited you to play on. You must enter the
proper pot code and your email address must be included on the list
of invited players to join a pot.


This display gives you access to manage all open pots you are
Hosting and/or playing on.

Learn more:
ALL Pots: Quickview
Click this link to display the Quickview - All Pots page,
where you can see a complete list of all the pots you are Hosting
or playing on.

RECENT Pots: Hosted
This list gives you access to the ten most recent pots you are Hosting.

RECENT Pots: Joined
This list gives you access to the ten most recent pots you are playing on.


This display gives you access to review your private user account
data and edit the location entries in your profile.

Learn more:
Want to change password? Click here
Click this link to access the Change Password page
and update this security device. Change Password Help

Change Password
Use this display to change your password. This security device lets
you ensure that only you can access your private account.

Old password
Enter the lates password used to access your account. If you forgot
your password and used that feature to send you a new one, enter the
new password we sent in your email.

New password
Enter a password you can remember but others will not guess.

Tip: Don’t use words you could find in a dictionary or your
address or birthday. Be creative, or even sneaky.

New password again
Enter your new password again, just to be sure we both know what you entered.


Use this feature to create a new pot, identify teams and game date,
select pot rules, and offer comments to give Players other information
about this particular pot.

Learn more:
Enter Teams
Identify the Home team in the first field and the Visitor team in the second field.
Home team gets the pot’s top spot; visitors are assigned the left side.

  • It’s a good idea to stick to the shortest possible names.
    Franchise name is good; city might make for a lengthy entry on the
    Hosted Pots list. Example: "Vikings" (not "Minnesota Vikings")

Pot name: (optional)
Enter a pot name that distinguishes this pot from others, if you so
desire. This is useful if you have multiple pots for the same game
that use different rules or Players lists.

  • "NASCAR 5/3; ABC Inc. 5 per square"

  • This pot name might remind players that this pot, on the
    May 3rd NASCAR race, is open to players at ABC Inc. who want to
    play for 5 points per square. (This way you can easily tell the
    difference between this pot and the other one at 20 pts. per
    square for the High Rollers.)

Select the Game’s Date
Use the pulldown lists to identify the date of the game (or other event).

Choose Pot Rules
Use the following options to define how winners are chosen and
what they win. Choose carefully! When you are sure, save the
rules with a descriptive name so you can apply them in a single
click the next time you need them.

Pick saved rules:
Use this dropdown list to choose from a list of pot rules you
may selected and saved in the past. This feature can really
save you time, especially if you like to use different rules
for different kinds of games, Players lists, or other variables.

If you don’t pick a saved set of rules, use the remaining
options in this group to define new rules - then save ’em!

  • You’d never want to use the Bad Tie Consolation option for a basketball
    game because it is really only useful for football squares. In that
    case, you might create a set of rules called "1BballQtrTeamsHost0"
    and quickly use those rules each time you created a pot for 1-point
    squares - on a basketball game - with winners on the quarter - teams
    applied - zero Host share.

Points / Square:
Identify how many points a Player must pledge to claim a square on this pot.

Win period(s):
Choose whether winners are awarded for scores on the quarter, half, or final.

Choose whether the final score - for pot winners’ purposes - is the
4th quarter score or the overtime score, if overtime is played.

Be careful here. If you choose "Final" and "Overtime" it eliminates
the possibility of anyone with tied numbers winning (Home 10; Visitor 10),
since the purpose of overtime is to break the tie. However, "Quarters"
and "Overtime" can work well because tie numbers have a decent
chance to win at one of the quarters.

Use this option to choose whether or not to apply winning numbers that
are team specific. "No teams" allows the possibility of two winners
in each win period, unless the win period score is a tie.

  • "Teams" causes each of a square’s two numbers
    to be associated with a specific team, such as "Home 3; Visitor 8."
    In this case, only one square can win in any win period.

  • "No Teams" means winning numbers apply two ways, or regardless
    of the teams. So, if the score in a win period is "Home 3; Visitor 8,"
    and the pots rules say "No Teams," there are two winners in
    that period - "Home 3; Visitor 8" and "Home 8; Visitor 3."

  • In a "No Teams" pot, if the win period score is a tie, only one square
    can have winning numbers, which some players might see as a "double" win.
    Very lucky!

Bad Tie Consolation:
Use this option to offer a "rebate" to players who pick the numbers
2 & 2 or 5 & 5. Enter the number of points to be awarded to each player
with the lousy luck of drawing one of these not-so-great numbers for a
football squares pot.

  • Did you ever draw the numbers 2&2 or 5&5 on a football
    pot without groaning in despair? This option lets the unlucky Player(s) who
    draw either of these two sets of tie numbers to get a little sympathy prize
    - or a big surprise, if you enter too high a number in this field! (So be careful!)

  • If the Bad Tie number equals the Points / Square number, the consolation
    award is a full refund of points pledged for each "Bad Tie" square, so
    they play for free. Point fractions (0.25) are acceptable. Just imagine winning
    a "Bad Tie" prize and the pot! - VERY lucky!

  • Bad Tie Consolation points are taken from the total winnings,
    after the Hosts’ share, if any.

  • This option is really just for football games; not needed for
    basketball games or NASCAR races.

Host’s Share:
Use this option to grant the Host (yourself) a number of points for operating the pot.

Host Share points reduce the total points that can be distributed to winning Players.

Save these rules with name:
Use this option to save this set of rules for future use.

The name you enter will be waiting for you in the "Pick saved rules" dropdown
list the next time you create a pot.

Comments/greeting/other instructions for the players
Use this field to enter text that will be sent to the Players you invite
to play on this pot.

  • "I’ve decided that I’m going to give Granny’s old
    rocking chair to the winner of this pot, so come register and join if
    you want a chance at it! They’re free, but only 3 squares per player,

  • "Please let me know if you prefer not to receive any more invitations
    and I’ll remove you from my Players list. Thanks and
    good luck!"

Click this button when you are satisfied that you have entered all the
information and chosen all the right options to make this pot work just
the way you want it to.

The system responds by displaying your new pot on a special
Confirmation Page for your review and confirmation.


This page lets you view your pot as it will look when Players
join and play on it.

Choose one button in this group to open (approve) the pot for play, edit
(revise) it with changes, or delete it and start over, if you want to.

Learn more:
Choose action

Open button
Click this button to open the pot and invite players from one or more of
your Player’s Lists.

When you choose to open the pot, the system displays the pot as if you
had just joined it - ready for you to claim squares. (It the Host’s
privilege to pick the first squares, if desired.)

  • Be sure and take this opportunity to Click the Invite button and invite
    players from one or more of you Player’s Lists or create a list.

Edit button
Click this button to continue making changes to pot rules or other options.

When you choose to edit the pot, the system returns to the display of
the Host a Pot page.

Delete button
Click this button to scrap this pot and start over or choose another feature.

When you choose to delete the pot, the system responds with a special page
that identifies the pot and lets you to confirm or cancel this action.

Click Confirm to delete and display the Quickview - All Pots page or
Click Cancel to return to the Confirmation Page.

Game Status/Rules/Comments/Active Players
Data in these groups identifies these settings you chose for this pot. This
same display is what Players will see when they view the pot to claim squares
or its check status.


Use this feature to join a pot so you can claim squares.

To join and play on a pot, you must:
  • Be invited by the pot Host.
  • Be included in the Hosts Player’s list(s) approved for play on the pot.
  • Know and enter the proper Pot Code on the Join a Pot page.
Learn more:
Pot Code
Enter the Pot Code provided by the Host of the pot you want to join.

When you enter a valid Pot Code, the system displays that pot so you
can choose a square color and begin claiming squares.


When you choose a pot to join or view, the pot is displayed in the
center panel with the pot’s name in the menu bar.

Use the features directly beneath the pot to choose a square color for
your squares on this pot, then begin claiming squares by clicking the
squares you want.

Learn more:

Choose Your Icon
This feature lets you choose a square color and/or design to represent your
squares on this pot. Your square can different for each pot you play on.

Click Show Available Icons bar to access the icon palette.

Click this option to reveal or conceal the icon palette. You can change
your icon for a pot at any time until the pot is locked.

The default color is "Play Here" green.

Game Board: Choose Action (Hosts Only)
This feature group lets the Host manage the pot. The options are not
displayed to any Player except the Host.

Invite button
Click this button to invite Players to play on this pot. The system
displays the Invite Players page.

Close button
Click this button to close the pot. Players can no longer change
claim squares unless you reopen the pot.

Clear button
Click this button to remove a player from the pot or clear some of
the squares claimed by a player.

This feature is useful if you think a player has claimed a few too
many squares, or you have agreed to allow the player to withdraw
from the board completely.

Comments button
Click this button to edit pot comments to players you may invite going forward.

Game Board Information Display
Game Status:
This display identifies how many of your claimed squares are locked
and how many total squares are locked.

This display summarizes the rules for this pot.

This display is for the comments by the Host associated with this pot.
These comments would be sent to any Player you (the Host) invite to play.

Active Players:
This display identifies all the Players currently claiming squares
on this pot. You as the Host of your pot have the ability to click
on a Player’s screen name to open your email browser and send an
email to that Player.

Results will be displayed on the space at the end of the Game Board page.

Printable Version button
You have an option to print out the Game Board for your records by
clicking the Printable Version button immediately following the game
board visuals. The page will be formatted to a print friendly format.

• EMAIL LISTS for Player Invitations

FootballPot.com offers a powerful application to manage email lists
used for player invitations.

Learn more:

Player Email Lists
Click Player Lists icon on the first left panel. You will enter
a page titled Player Email Lists. Use this feature to create, change
or delete the email lists that you use to invite Players to your pots. This
is one of the most powerful features of FootballPot.com:
  • Enter emails individually or cut and paste groups of addresses.
  • Each list can hold up to 200 email addresses.
  • Hosts can maintain up to 20 lists.
  • Create lists for family, friends, co-workers, fantasy football leagues, etc.
  • Keep different lists for 1-point, 5-point, 10-point, even 100-point pots.
  • Select any (or all) of your lists to invite Players to any pot you create.
  • Enter addresses individually or cut and paste groups of addresses
    in the bulk entry field at the bottom of the page.
You can click em>Player Lists; from your left panel user menu to access
this page. The system displays all of your email lists, if any, and
the create email-list button.

Click this link to view a list of each email on a list.

  • You can copy and paste this list display into a text
    file for your own archiving.

Click this link to make changes to addresses on a list. The system
displays each email address in its own individual field. Make corrections,
additions, or, to remove an address from the list, simple select that
entire address and delete it.

Click this link to delete an entire a list of email addresses. To continue and
completely delete the entire list, click Confirm at the bottom of the
list. To keep the list, click Cancel.

Create email list
Click this button to start a new list of email addresses for a group of people
you want to invite to play on one or more of your pots.

Create Email List for Player Invitations
From the Player Email Lists page (or from your Invite Players
to [your pot name]
page accessed via the Invite button on
the Game Board page), click on the create e-mail list button.
You will enter a page titled Create Email List for Player Invitations.
Use this feature to start a new list of email addresses for inviting
Players to join your pots.

  • FootballPot.com will never use your email lists for promotions
    or make them available to any other entity. We typically
    send emails only...
      ... on behalf of our Hosts.
      ... to our lists of registered users.
      ... in response to inquiries.

Name of the list
Use this field to name your new email-list. Consider using a name
that will describe the group or your intended purpose for the list.

Examples: "Family," "My Fraternity," "10 Point Players,"
"ABC, Inc. Employees," "My Fantasy League," etc.

(1 ... 2 ... 3 ... etc.) Enter a single email address into
any Email field.

Bulk Email Entry
Copy a group of emails from just about any source - separated by spaces,
commas, or semicolons - and paste them into this box. The system parses
each address (cool, huh?) and returns display to the Player Email Lists
page. (You can’t beat that!)

Reminder: Each list can hold only 200 addresses. Each Host can have only
20 lists. If you need more capacity than 4,000 addresses, contact us:

How to Send out Player Invitations?
  • To utilize the created email lists for player invitations, go to your
    Pot’s game board page and under Choose Your Action click the
    Invite button.

  • You can also click the Invite link next to each open pot
    listing on your ALL Pots: Quickview page.

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